Here are the student’s experiences with our Academy.

Here are the student’s experiences with our Academy.

I would like to thank the school, The Academy for English Language Teachers, for the wonderful experience I had. During this 6 months course, with the help from our instructor, we were able to understand the fundamentals of teaching. He has also shared with us his past teaching experience in other countries beside Singapore. The part where I enjoyed most in the course was the lesson planning. Although it may sound easy at first, but there are a lot more preparations work I had to put in, in order to prepare for my lessons. Throughout the course, I have learnt many different methodologies and how to approach the different level of students in a more effective way. Well done!!

Derek Ng, 2015

I was recommended by a secondary school friend to take up the TESOL course with The Academy for English Language Teachers. I was apprehensive at first, because I had not done any classroom teaching before. But it turned out to be quite an interesting experience. Despite my busy working schedule, I was able still able to cope although I had minimal classroom teaching experience. The instructor was very experienced. He was patient with the students. He helped the students to understand the different approaches in teaching English. The experience was excellent and I even recommended this programme to another friend of mine.

Thank you all for your help and encouragement in me achieving this Teacher Certification. I couldn't have done it without you! Excellent job!!

Chua Chia Hui, 2015
Music Teacher

Currently I am teaching English in Japan on the JET (Japan Exchange Teaching) Programme. The programme is highly coveted as many people have applied for it but only a few had succeeded in getting in.

The first time when I applied for the position, I had no teaching experience or any teaching qualifications. After having been rejected, I took up my Diploma in TESOL course with The Academy for Teachers. The school wrote a Reference Letter for me during my job application. With that, I applied to the JET Programme the second time and I was being accepted.

Now I am on the JET Programme, I get to apply what I've learnt in my TESOL programme, and it has helped me understand how learning English is like for the local Japanese.

I am really enjoying my time here in Japan as an ESL teacher, and I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who has the same dream as me “Travel Overseas and Teach English!

Keep up the good work!

Lindy Liong, 2014
ESL Teacher in Japan

I have been teaching English to children here in Japan for the three months now. I have to admit that I love my job! The land here is beautiful, the people are wonderful and the food is to die for.

Thank you all at The Academy for English Language Teachers!

Paul Leung, 2014
ESL Teacher in Japan

I have been a teacher assistant for the past 10 years with the Canadian International School here in Singapore. I love teaching. I have taught various levels of students from junior, senior kindergarten to ELL, their age group was from Grade 1 to Grade 9.

I loved my TESOL course which I took recently, because it related so much to what I was doing with the kids in my school. I have been using what I have learnt on the course and started implementing in my classrooms activities.

Our TESOL trainer was so fantastic. I learnt so much from her.

Thank you Aaron for encouraging me to pursue this TESOL course. I simply loved the experience. Last but not least, thank you all for an invigorating experience!

Radha Srinath, 2014
International School Teacher

I found this TESOL course to be very enjoyable and fun! The most valuable experience I have had was the difference Lessons plans, Games activates and creative ideas that my fellow classmates brought into the classrooms. Now I’ve learnt to write different lesson plans, implement new ideas on teaching methodologies, and create more fun activities for my students.

My Tesol trainer was Fun and knowledgeable; I’ve picked up so many ideas from him. What a great Course!! No regret in taking it!

Serene Chan, 2014
Enrichment Teacher

My name is Diana from Malaysia. I attended the 6 weeks intensive TESOL course in Singapore. My summary of my impression of the course was I learned a lot from this 6 weeks course, especially through all the demonstrations and the well-written course manuals. I had a lot of FUN during the 6 weeks! Thanks a bunch!

Diana Lim, 2013
English Teacher in KL

For the past seven-month, to be honest, I’ve learnt so much from the TESOL course offered by The Academy for English Language Teachers.

The course instructors were marvellous and well prepared. They knew how to engage their students throughout the three hours session (This was an evening course for working adults). They have taught us “teaching” need not to be boring and monotonous. Teaching techniques can be through different Methods and approaches. By incorporating songs, music and games into the lessons, the students will learn faster and better.

I always looked forward to my weekly lessons. I never felt bored or tired during my lessons (after a long day at work). It was definitely an incredible experience with my school - The Academy for English Language Teachers! Thank you so much for making my course so interesting!! Well done !!!

Sreeranjiniy, 2014
Pre-School Teacher

"For the past 8 months, I have been having awesome time learning about the TESOL Course. My trainer was a great teacher, he made his classes fun, with lessons full of Games, Music and Song activities. My classes were always full of laughter. I never felt bored throughout the course, which was amazing.

This TESOL course had enhanced my knowledge of Teaching English! I have no regret in embarking onto this Teacher-training course. I totally enjoyed it!

Yim Ling, 2014

The trainer knew her subject, was well organized, flexible, properly paced the presentation and discussion of topics and maintained proper decorum of the class. I was very satisfied with their service and would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who might be interested in learning how to teach English.

Elizabeth Kate, 2013
Enrichment Teacher

The TESOL course was more than I ever expected! The course was the most comprehensive, valid, professionally executed and practical course that I have ever taken. I met some amazing course mates and had a lot of fun during this 6 weeks course.

Teo Sui Kui, 2013

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was recommended to this TESOL programme from The Academy for Language Teachers by my sister.

The first module had been really challenging. Thankfully Ms Sujata was a very caring teacher whose guidance boosted my confidence and the love for the language. My heartfelt thanks go to Ms Sujata.

I would not hesitate to recommend The Academy for English Language Teachers to anyone. From the day I registered for the course, the Management has never failed to show their care and concern. To them, I was like part of the family.

In short, the culture here is “Love and Generosity”. I had really benefitted a lot from this full time course and words cannot express how grateful I wad to the school for the meticulous guidance given to me.

Michelle Teo, 2012
English Teacher

I had a lot of great time attending the TESOL programme with The Academy for English Language Teachers.

The course was well run. The trainers were knowledgeable in the area of teaching English to speakers of other languages. The lessons conducted by the trainers were very creative and fun. Now the course has come to an end, I know that I will miss all my fun loving classmates and the fun we used to have during the course!

Thank you Aaron for your encouragement and support during my course of study with your academy. Keep up the good work !!

Grace, 2012
Church Worker

To Lynn, Aaron, Sujata and everyone in the academy Thank you for your support during my time in the school. I really enjoyed myself during the 6 weeks training with you guys !! Awesome course !!

Serena Chan, 2012