The Academy for English Language Teachers is an established Teacher Training School located at the Central Business District of Singapore. We offer Professional Development opportunities to help English Teachers sharpen their teaching skills, enrich their lessons with interesting activities, and guide the creative voices of their students more effectively.

Courses offered by The Academy for English Language Teachers are based upon GLOBAL TESOL College courses which feature an original approach to teaching English with an emphasis on creative application. In addition, the course offers activity-based methods for developing high-level fluency with theoretical concepts and effective methods for teaching English.

The Academy for English Language Teacher specialize in offering creative teaching that is flexible and adaptable in the modern classroom. The Trainers of The Academy for English Language Teachers develop highly effective and personalized curricula. They also infuse their teaching with creative learning - inventive drills and improvisational games that not only develop fluency with theoretical concepts, but also make classrooms lively and inspiring, and help students discover their talent.


To be acknowledged as the premier teacher-training provider in Asia.

Mission Statement

The Academy for English Language Teachers aims to deliver high quality, practical-based courses to English teachers by providing proven teaching methodologies in order to help our teachers to develop competitive advantage in the teaching world.