Fear grammar no more!

The world of English teaching is becoming more specialized, and Business English is a popular market requiring TESL/TEFL teachers who have become increasingly high in demand. For many global multinational firms and companies, employers now require that their employees worldwide learn English so they can better use resources which are available only in the global language of business: English!

As with all areas of teaching, students' expectations are higher and the days are gone when a cursory glance through a copy of a business curriculum book was all it took to prepare for a business English lesson.

Working with business people demands special skills, knowledge, and interests. It is also an area of teaching that can favor the mature teacher. Students are highly motivated since the course has clear advantages for them within their companies or careers in general.

The teacher also needs to be highly flexible. Business English is a 'catch all' phrase, but each company will have specific demands and needs for their individual programs.

Course Contents

  • Introduction and overview of what English for Specific
  • Purposes is (ESP), who your target students are, and the process of teaching Business English
  • Methods and approaches to teaching Business English
  • The four language acquisition skills and how they apply to teaching Business English
  • Case studies requiring analysis of previously developed material
  • Progress evaluation
  • Introduction and overview of development of business materials.
  • Adapting business materials
  • Developing business materials
  • Developing business courses

Mode of Learning

In-Class or Distance Education (either online or by correspondence) in the convenience of your own home at your own pace.

Entry Requirement

  • High School Year 12 English or equivalent qualification.
  • Be competent in Spoken and Written English (with an IELTS score of 6.0).
  • Relevant qualifications and teaching experience would be considered.
  • If you do not fall within any of the above categories and think you are qualified for the course, please submit all your qualifications and a letter explaining why you should be considered. Your application will then be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Successful completion, participants will be awarded with TESOL Specialisation Teaching Business English by Global TESOL College, Canada.