Tap into the local English-teaching market! This world language is now studied in all native English-speaking countries in rapidly growing numbers. Jobs for all levels!

Course Content:

The Teaching Grammar course consists of three separate units.

Course Overview:

Learn how to teach English in USA, Canada, Australia, England, or in any other native English-speaking country. Millions of students study English daily in native English-speaking countries. Teach English in ESL schools in your home country by learning how and what to teach, where to look for work, and how to promote yourself as a local English teacher and/or tutor.

Teaching ESL locally is becoming an increasingly popular industry as the number of newcomers/immigrants to native English-speaking countries continues to increase. Your TESOL teaching skills will place you in an employable and lucrative industry - in your home country.

Working with newcomer/immigrant ESL students demands special TESOL skills, knowledge, and experience. It is also an area of teaching that is common for experienced teachers as well as newcomers to this field, and each position asks for different requirements. Students are highly motivated since learning English has clear and immediate personal advantages.

The teacher also needs to be highly flexible. ESL needs vary from student to student, but each person will have specific demands and needs for their individual desired results. Classrooms with multiple native languages also pose interesting challenges one might not initially expect.

Course Content:

  • An introduction and overview of Teaching ESL Locally, who your target students are, and the process involved
  • Methods and approaches
  • Developing ESL materials
  • Developing ESL courses
  • Promoting and marketing your skills
  • Self-evaluation of your teaching philosophy, attitude and abilities
  • Teaching guidelines and procedures
  • Useful ESL website resources

Mode of Learning

In-Class or Distance Education (either online or by correspondence) in the convenience of your own home at your own pace.

Entry Requirement

  • High School Year 12 English or equivalent qualification.
  • Be competent in Spoken and Written English (with an IELTS score of 6.0).
  • Relevant qualifications and teaching experience would be considered.
  • If you do not fall within any of the above categories and think you are qualified for the course, please submit all your qualifications and a letter explaining why you should be considered. Your application will then be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Successful completion, participants will be awarded with TESOL Specialisation Teaching ESL Locally by Global TESOL College, Canada.